Defiance of Dawn

Interlude - A Dog's Life
While the team seeks out a suit of heavy beskar'gam, Black Kirgil is tasked with selling off the Headhunter and getting Lady Fioro to bacta treatment.

Gonna have to walk home from this. The Headhunter was shimmying slightly at attack speed. It didn’t look it, but maybe Maya did get hit. Or crashed or something. Who knew with humans? The way the crazy chica had been flying, it’s a good thing Ma’ag knew what he was doing. He threw the fighter into a tight roll and recovered into a reverse. Ma’ag would have a blast in this thing. He punched the acceleration to max and imagined riding the space lanes like this. "Beats the Turtle. Beats walking.” Kirgil hated walking.

Inside the Helmet
3-21-2013 session - from a Mandalorian perspective...

Inside the Helmet

“Ah, Captain Orell,” Admiral Varana’s image resolved in the blue holoreceiver disk on the bridge.

“Admiral,” I straightened up a little in the seat and replied, “We’ve departed Bespin and are returning to the fleet. We have…”

“What is your current location,” the Admiral interrupted, I was going to tell him that…

“Hoth System,” Ma’ag blurted before I could even form the words.

“Excellent,” the Admiral’s image wavered a moment and then cleared. “You’re not returning to the fleet. You are to travel immediately to the Malastare System and rendezvous with Agent Maya of Alderaanian Security. She will provide further details.”

What? I cleared my throat with a little hint of snide. “Yes, sir. Ah… we have some information…”

A reboot from the dramatic confusion of our last episode in Cloud City

Reverb – Ma’ag

“Jump complete. We’re clear,” Ma’ag cleared his controls. “Welcome to wherever this is.” He’d been a bit rushed for a destination when they left the Bespin system. The Imperial ship Assiduous had launched a full squadron of TIE-class star fighters that were bearing down on the Turtle and the slave ship Shackles of Nizon at full attack speed. When Zkae had called ‘Cole Protocol’, Ma’ag had grabbed the first nearby system he found and run it into the navicomputer double time.

“Hoth,” Ma’ag said.

“What’s here?” Zake sat the copilot seat, but wasn’t much for navigation.

‘Gotta get a droid,’ Ma’ag thought to himself. Kirgil could copilot or navigate, but then you had to listen to his constant babbling. Plus Ma’ag felt the urge to scratch at imagined fleas whenever the Bothan scoundrel was around. ‘Definitely a droid.’

Episode 3 - Queen of Air and Darkness
Episode 3 - Queen of Air and Darkness

Episode 3 – Queen of Air and Darkness

Session One

The Shire

-Poor, poor Torrin
-How to Make Friends and Persuade People
-Not a Single Shot Fired
-Darga, He Digs Us!

After the last session at Yankee Stadium, we left the Champions of Darga celebrating victory with wine, women and jewels. Not a bad days work for us…

Episode 2 - The Wretched Hive
Episode 2

Episode 2 – The Wretched Hive

Episode 2 Crawl

Traitor's Gambit
Episode 1

Traitor’s Gambit

Episode 1 Crawl


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