Defiance of Dawn

Episode 2 - The Wretched Hive

Episode 2

Episode 2 – The Wretched Hive

Episode 2 Crawl

April 16, 2011 – Session 2 of Episode 2
Writeup by Ma’ag

The Shire

-Poor, poor Torrin
-How to Make Friends and Persuade People
-Not a Single Shot Fired
-Darga, He Digs Us!

After the last session at Yankee Stadium, we left the Champions of Darga celebrating victory with wine, women and jewels. Not a bad days work for us. As we pick up the action, Torrin has become especially inebriated and was last seen carrousing with a group of “hot” Gammorian Guards. Male…Female… they all look the same!! Anyways, as Torrin retires for the evening, we leave a side of cole slaw outside his door.

And now on to the real action.

Darga’s translator droid (TC-663 – or 66 for short) approaches us and wants to meet later to discuss a matter. Apparently 66 worked for or works for Switch and has information. There have been secret communications from somwhere within Darga’s palace to the Imperials and messages from the Imps received back. 66 finds this most disturbing and hopes we can do something about it.

66 gives us a data card and we head to the ship to try and decode the files and find out who is behind the secret communications. It turns out that Darga’s Major Domo – IGRENDEMOS is the one sending and receiving messages from an Imp relay station in this sector. We also find reference to “The Prisoner” but with no details as to who or whom it might be.

We decide to move the ship closer to the palace in case we need to make a sudden exit. Ma’ag excellently pilots the ship and finds the best parking spot ever!

We report our findings to 66. It tells us the prisoner has been held there for a long period of time, but he does not have access to that area of the palace or know any specific info of who it is.

Next morning Darga tells us that the Imp reps are coming today and that he wants our advice on the meeting. So we discreetly position ourselves in the court so as not to be noticed, but still able to hear what is going on and act if needed. 2 men and a chick come in wearing non descript clothing. Zake is sure the two dudes are clones from Kimino and well armed. Chica holds a look of contempt for the squallid conditions of the planet and this palace but plays her part well.

They want a 100% increase in the production of refined Tibanna Gas and offer an 80% increase in payment for the increased production. They also offer an addition 20% in biological elements as additional payment. And offer to install a garrison of troops here for Darga’s protection of course.

On second glance, we realize that we recognize the chick from seeing her at the palace on Alderran. Uh Oh – Spaghetti-Os!!! We confer with Darga after they leave and advise strongly against allowing an Imperial garrison to be established here. Darga agrees.

When the Imps come back, Darga accepts the terms of 100% increase for 80% more payment. At this point, we start to hatch a plan. Igrendemos is always around Darga so we inform Darga that we intercepted transmissions from here to the Imps but were not able to trace its origin or decode the message. We WANT Demos to hear this so he gets nervous and makes a mistake. We offer to investigate the matter further for Darga but will need security access to all of his palace.

Darga agress and orders Demos to give us access to all terminals and areas in the palace until we can find out who is sending the messages. Of course, we already know, but want to see what more we can learn and investigate the prisoner cell block. Ma’ag finds deleted logs from Demos and recovers them. Also gets location of prisoner but still no detailed info on who it is.

Zake goes to prison level and persuades strongly the Gammorian guards to let him in. He finds an old lady hooked up to IVs administering a sedative. He also locates a back stairway that leads directly to Darga’s thrown room.

We also are able to read the Imp leader’s message back to Imp command and find out her name is VICTRA SINDE. No other information is available about her.

When we go back to the court, the 2 Imp guards are checking us out. Uh oh – we dont want to fight them! So Zake goes over and starts talking to them about their training and missions. Like old times from when he was an instructor on Kamino. They have a friendly chat and no longer seem hostile towards us. More of an indifferent attitude.

So we decide to offer Darga that we will make the next Tibanna run for him so we can follow a lead about the communications. He agrees and will meet us on Bespin.

And that my friends, is where we left off for the evening. A lot of good, solid role playing and not a single shot fired or a gun even drawn!! Well done mates!

Until next time,




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