Defiance of Dawn

Episode 3 - Queen of Air and Darkness

Episode 3 - Queen of Air and Darkness

Episode 3 – Queen of Air and Darkness

Session One

The Shire

-Poor, poor Torrin
-How to Make Friends and Persuade People
-Not a Single Shot Fired
-Darga, He Digs Us!

After the last session at Yankee Stadium, we left the Champions of Darga celebrating victory with wine, women and jewels. Not a bad days work for us…

Episode 3 Crawl

As we pick up the action, Torrin has become especially inebriated and was last seen carrousing with a group of “hot” Gammorian Guards. Male…Female… they all look the same!! Anyways, as Torrin retires for the evening, we leave a side of cole slaw outside his door.

And now on to the real action.

Darga’s translator droid (TC-663 – or 66 for short) approaches us and wants to meet later to discuss a matter. Apparently 66 worked for or works for Switch and has information. There have been secret communications from somwhere within Darga’s palace to the Imperials and messages from the Imps received back. 66 finds this most disturbing and hopes we can do something about it.

66 gives us a data card and we head to the ship to try and decode the files and find out who is behind the secret communications. It turns out that Darga’s Major Domo – IGRENDEMOS is the one sending and receiving messages from an Imp relay station in this sector. We also find reference to “The Prisoner” but with no details as to who or whom it might be.

We decide to move the ship closer to the palace in case we need to make a sudden exit. Ma’ag excellently pilots the ship and finds the best parking spot ever!

We report our findings to 66. It tells us the prisoner has been held there for a long period of time, but he does not have access to that area of the palace or know any specific info of who it is.

Next morning Darga tells us that the Imp reps are coming today and that he wants our advice on the meeting. So we discreetly position ourselves in the court so as not to be noticed, but still able to hear what is going on and act if needed. 2 men and a chick come in wearing non descript clothing. Zake is sure the two dudes are clones from Kimino and well armed. Chica holds a look of contempt for the squallid conditions of the planet and this palace but plays her part well.

They want a 100% increase in the production of refined Tibanna Gas and offer an 80% increase in payment for the increased production. They also offer an addition 20% in biological elements as additional payment. And offer to install a garrison of troops here for Darga’s protection of course.

On second glance, we realize that we recognize the chick from seeing her at the palace on Alderran. Uh Oh – Spaghetti-Os!!! We confer with Darga after they leave and advise strongly against allowing an Imperial garrison to be established here. Darga agrees.

When the Imps come back, Darga accepts the terms of 100% increase for 80% more payment. At this point, we start to hatch a plan. Igrendemos is always around Darga so we inform Darga that we intercepted transmissions from here to the Imps but were not able to trace its origin or decode the message. We WANT Demos to hear this so he gets nervous and makes a mistake. We offer to investigate the matter further for Darga but will need security access to all of his palace.

Darga agress and orders Demos to give us access to all terminals and areas in the palace until we can find out who is sending the messages. Of course, we already know, but want to see what more we can learn and investigate the prisoner cell block. Ma’ag finds deleted logs from Demos and recovers them. Also gets location of prisoner but still no detailed info on who it is.

Zake goes to prison level and persuades strongly the Gammorian guards to let him in. He finds an old lady hooked up to IVs administering a sedative. He also locates a back stairway that leads directly to Darga’s thrown room.

We also are able to read the Imp leader’s message back to Imp command and find out her name is VICTRA SINDE. No other information is available about her.

When we go back to the court, the 2 Imp guards are checking us out. Uh oh – we dont want to fight them! So Zake goes over and starts talking to them about their training and missions. Like old times from when he was an instructor on Kamino. They have a friendly chat and no longer seem hostile towards us. More of an indifferent attitude.

So we decide to offer Darga that we will make the next Tibanna run for him so we can follow a lead about the communications. He agrees and will meet us on Bespin.

And that my friends, is where we left off for the evening. A lot of good, solid role playing and not a single shot fired or a gun even drawn!! Well done mates!

Until next time,


Session Two

May 6, 2011
Kirk’s Tiki Bar – aka The Gamorrean Love Palace
Present: Jeff, Kirk, Mike and Scott made a brief appearance

Since there was no combat of any kind the last time we played, Jeff made sure things were hot from the start this time. Are intrepid heros awake and emerge from their quarters to see Demos and 3 Gamorreans standing in the stairway. Demos proclaims “There they are! They betrayed Darga. KILL THEM!” and it was on.

Before you could say holy big fat gammorian thug bugs with big freaking axes, Ma’ag and Torrin had dropped two. Demos fled like a cowardly child leaving the third Gamorrean alone to face his fate. Want to know a funny thing about Gamorreans?? Up close they are even MORE ugly, smelly and disgusting. Oh yea – they can also KICK YOUR ASS!! We made the mistake of getting into close quarters combat with this one. Yea, he laid a mighty blow on Torrin and almost dropped him. Then he turned around and did the same thing to Ma’ag!! Holy crap, this one freakish ugly brute is going to take out both of us in the first encounter and then the night will be over!! Fortunately, we recovered and proceeded to bash to crap out of number three.

So after that debacle, we broke for pizza and wings. And beer. Of course, the beer was pretty much an all night thing, but I digress.

Right so back to the action. Since it appears that Demos has decided we are a threat to his life and is trying to kill us, we decided not to hang around. We made a beeline to the prison level and fought off 3 more Gamorreans. While Torrin worked on releasing the prisoner, Ma’ag got into the computer to see what the alarm is. Sure enough, Demos set us up as traitors with orders to kill on site. So I felt obliged to change that slightly. And by slightly, I mean entirely. The new message details how Demos has been working as an Imperial Spy and not only the sole betrayer of Darga, but that he was going to have everyone in Darga’s palace made Imperial SLAVES!! It went on to detail the greatness of Darga’s Champions and that we are in good stead with Darga and that Demos should be the one killed on site.

Turns out the prisoner is a Jedi. Her name is Denia and she was nuttier than a fruitcake. Of course, she had been held there for a long time and was drugged so that she had no idea what day or year it was. She thought the Clone War had just started!! Boy was she in for a surprise!! We decide its more important to get to the ship and take off before telling her she is one of the last Jedis in the universe. Zake fills her in while we are enroute to Alderaan.

We message Bail that we are coming with an important package and ask for a safe meeting place. He suggests the Snooty Rodian as the rendevous place. So we meet Bail there and leave Denia with him to debrief. Then we show him a picture of Victra Sinde and ask who she is. Turns out she is a memeber of his security forces. Ma’ag gives him a data card with all the information we gathered on Cato Neomoidia, and tell him he might want to start with the file about Victra.

We grab a few supplies while we are here and take off for Bespin. We dont want to keep Darga waiting. The flight to Bespin was uneventful and very comfortable, thanks to the expert piloting of Ma’ag. Once we arrived in Bespin air space, we had to wait 12 hours for a docking place because of a huge Sabbac tournament being held there. There were very expensive and luxiourious ships all over the place. Security was also very tight and there were absoutely NO GUNS allowed on the station.

Torrin decided that if he couldnt carry a gun, then he was going to take a grenade with him. So he shoved one down his pants and dared the security team to find it. Somehow, they managed to MISS seeing it and we were allowed out onto the station. We immediately made our way downwards until we found a terminal. After severl unsuccessful inquiries about Darga and his whereabouts, we get a beep from Kirgil on the ship. He relays a mysterious message he just recieved threatening our lives. We backtrace it to the lowest section of Cloud City and immediately head that way.

The sign on the door read Parliament of Guilds – Sector U-357. We walk in and find several Ugnaughts present. They scream and run for cover thinking we are here to kill them. After much shouting and arguing, we convince them that we are here to HELP them. Firean tells us that several Ugnaughts have been syphoning Tibanna gas for Darga and giving their honored reputation a bad name. We tell them we are here to put a stop to that and ask where we might find them. Firean directs us to a yet lower section where the gas refinery is.

Still unarmed, Torrin and Ma’ag head further into the bowels of Cloud City. This section is dark, noisy and smells like Napalm in the morning. We find the thieving Ugnaughts and walk up to them to tell them we are here to pick up the shipment for Darga. Well – apparently that was the wrong thing to do. They all had blasters and opened fire on us. Torrin managed to beat the living crap out of one of them and grabbed his blaster. Ma’ag also took one down and took his gun. All the while Ma’ag was shouting at the leader that this was all a misunderstanding. Finally, after Torrin dropped two more, Ma’ag convinced the leader – Nik-Nak to surrender to us.

Thats when things got confusing. We told him we really are working for Darga and that we really are here to pick up the shipment of Tibanna gas. Nik-Nak informs us that Darga already took the latest shipment – with the increased production output. There is a Rodian who hangs out at the local Cantina who is Darga’s contact. We need to find him. And that is where we will pick up things the next time. Hopefully that will be less confusing.

Session 3


These notes are rather disjointed, as it happened a long time ago. While I did get decent notes from the session, they are choppy and appear in more of a summary of events than anything else.

We are flying to Bespin to make Darga’s next Tibanna gas run. But somehow our plans got messed up. Most likely by Jeff not paying attention to the module, but who can say for sure.

As we approach Bespin there is a lot of inbound traffic because of a large Sabaac Tournament being held. We spend the time in system rolling the computer logs and hollo nets looking for any information that will help us. We are able to find out

1 the Exon Valdez (Tibanna Gas Freighter) is parked in local space orbit with an unknown timeline for departure. Kirgil tags it in the computer so we can keep tabs on it.
2 Darga’s Rodian contact is named Waj Nay. We are supposed to be able to find him at the Greasy Wrench saloon. But we dont.
3 Big Sabaac Tournament being held at the Royal Casino and Yerith Hotel. Jake Mendletrot is the owner. Its a winner take all of 500,000 cr.

Upon landing, we break off to do different things. Kirgil enters the tournament for 10,000 cr. Zake gets hired as Security for the tournament for 500 cr a day (4 day tnmnt). Ma’ag remains in the docking area to snoop around for ships and try to get work as a mechanic.

Kirgil advances to DAY 2. Torrin also joins the hotel as security for the remainder of the tnmnt. Kirgil is at a table with a Chandolorian with 4 clone troopers as body guards. Also an Imperial Lt – Armen Aradnis.

Ma’ag is working on a SoroSuub Cutlass 9 Patrol Fighter that was modified by its owner. The upgraded shields were not functioning properly (SR 30). Ma’ag was able to diagnose the issue right away – but said it would take several days to rework the wiring and get it working right.

DAY 3 – Kirgil is still in the tnmnt. He runs into a HoT Hapan woman. She is frosty and not very sociable, named Lady Fioro. Torrin catches a player cheating. The cheater pulls a gun and Torrin shoots him.

DAY 4 – the final day of the tnmnt and Kirgil gets to the final table with Aradnis, Fioro and a Rodian named Creeksa – who is surprisingly likeable for his kind. At some point, Aradnis plays his cards to reveal a code to Fioro – 137.12. Its the slave control frequency for a ship called the Shackles of Nizan.

A huge frakis breaks out. It is total bedlam. Lots of shooting and Imperial troops show up out of nowhere. Fioro is shot and gravely wounded. Torrin grabs her and flees. Zake and Kirgil cover retreat as they race back to our ship. Fioro tells us Darga is on his yacht at Bay 4414 – but we have no time to go there because we are being chased by Imps.

Ma’ag is all set to attach the Fighter to the docking clamp on the Redeemer – but has to abandon that plan and get Redeemer ready for fast flight.

Everyone makes it aboard and we take off. Torrin is able to heal Fioro and she tells us everything she knows about Darga.

We find out Shackles of Nizan is a ship full of slaves as payment to Darga for the gas. We turn over slave control frequency to Bespin authorities and alert them of Darga’s involvement and the illegal sales of the Tibanna gas.

And that is where we left off.


Hopefully things will get all straightened out and we can save the Universe as intended. As far as ability to carry a small fighter – i found a very specific use that says YES.

A docking clamp allows a starship to dock with other starships in space. Normally, this accessory is used by passangers to move from shuttles to larger ships, but larger vessels can use them as makeshift starfighter launches. Once the clamp is in place, creatures can safely move between the clamped ships. A starship can maneuver, fight and even travel through hyperspace with ships of smaller size clamped to it. However, if a ship takes damage in excess of its damage threshold, all starships attached to it by docking clamps are shaken off.



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