Defiance of Dawn


A reboot from the dramatic confusion of our last episode in Cloud City

Reverb – Ma’ag

“Jump complete. We’re clear,” Ma’ag cleared his controls. “Welcome to wherever this is.” He’d been a bit rushed for a destination when they left the Bespin system. The Imperial ship Assiduous had launched a full squadron of TIE-class star fighters that were bearing down on the Turtle and the slave ship Shackles of Nizon at full attack speed. When Zkae had called ‘Cole Protocol’, Ma’ag had grabbed the first nearby system he found and run it into the navicomputer double time.

“Hoth,” Ma’ag said.

“What’s here?” Zake sat the copilot seat, but wasn’t much for navigation.

‘Gotta get a droid,’ Ma’ag thought to himself. Kirgil could copilot or navigate, but then you had to listen to his constant babbling. Plus Ma’ag felt the urge to scratch at imagined fleas whenever the Bothan scoundrel was around. ‘Definitely a droid.’

“There’s nothing here,” he said aloud. “Just some ice balls no one would ever want to live on. I’ll run a scan anyway.”

“No one’s going to ever care, right?”

“You never know,” Ma’ag started the scan. ‘Definitely a droid.’

“Alright,” Zake nodded. “Watch the sensors and call out anything strange. Let’s see what’s up in the back.” The Mandolorian unlocked the seals and removed his helmet, setting it down right in the way of the sensor grid. While he hit the intercom and called back to Torrin, Ma’ag subtlely slid the helmet aside and started a sensor sweep. Then he punched in a course to orbit the empty, ugly iceball in front of him. They were just entering orbit when the cabin door slid open and the team’s medic entered. ‘I should put a lock on that door.’

“How’s the patient?” Zake asked.

“She’ll live,” Torrin took one of the jump seats. “Kirgil’s back there talking to her now.”

“Has she said much yet?”

Torrin nodded. “She was definitely one of Darga’s main agents in Bespin. Not sure what she knows about the Sarlaac project, but she was in the loop on the Tibanna gas stuff the slug was running. Imperials were paying them in cash and slaves and Darga had Ugnauts syphoning off gas. Probably the gas was feeding this Sarlaac project, but she doesn’t know for sure what they do with it. I gave her a bit extra on the pain meds before Kirgil started in on her.”

‘Not that he needed the help,’ Ma’ag shrugged. Say what you will about the Bothan, but he was certainly adept at interrogation. The fact that they had saved Lady Fioro’s life had made her cooperative to start. When the team had come running into the docking bay yelling to prep for take-off, she hadn’t looked in the best of shape. It seemed she’d been at the final table of the Sabaacc tournament with Kirgil and an Imperial agent when some kind of firefight had broken out. The Imp had been killed and Lady Fioro gravely wounded. Of course the Bothan had completely escaped harm. While Zake was suppressing the attackers, Torrin had grabbed the fallen woman and they’d raced her on board and into what passed as an infirmary on the Turtle. Torrin had worked his field medic training to bring her back from the edge and earn her trust. ‘Add in the Bothan’s persuasion and Torrin’s drugs, and she’ll be singing in no time.’

“We’re in orbit,” Ma’ag announced. “Scopes are clear. Nothing but ice. Plot course back to Alderaan? Or find the Resurgence?”

“Better call in and find Resurgence,” Zake replied. Ma’ag nodded and keyed in the secure channel Admiral Verana had provided.

“Coming up now,” Ma’ag hit the projector and a small image sprang to life over the comm console.

“Ah, Captain Orell,” Admiral Varana’s image resolved in the blue holo. ‘What? I’m flying the ship. Makes me captain doesn’t it?’

“Admiral,” the Mandaolrian faced the projection. “We’ve departed Bespin and are returning to the fleet. We have…”

“What is your current location,” the Admiral interrupted.

“Hoth System,” Ma’ag responded.

“Excellent,” the Admiral’s image wavered a moment and then cleared. “You’re not returning to the fleet. You are to travel immediately to the Malastare System and rendezvous with Agent Maya of Alderaanian Security. She will provide further details.”

Zake cleared his throat. “Yes, sir. Ah… we have some information.”

“Agent Maya will provide further details. Proceed with all haste. Verana out.”

Zake leaned back in his chair. Ma’ag waited in silence for a moment. Then, “well Captain?”

“I guess we’re going to Mallastare,” Zake shrugged.

“All haste?” Ma’ag fired up the nav computer.

“All haste.”

“I’ll be in back,” Torrin turned to leave.

‘Bet he kicks Kirgil out. She’s sure no Gammorean…’



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