Defiance of Dawn

Traitor's Gambit

Episode 1

Traitor’s Gambit

Episode 1 Crawl

GM Note: I am missing notes from the first and last session of this Episode. This write-up is from Master_MHM and covers part of the central section. Please expand if you can.

We begin the night on the peaceful planet of Alderan. We are staying at the Palace, which is very nice and comfortable.

Capt O’Keefe (of the Baudo Star Yacht The Banshee) comes to us with a mission. It turns out its NOT a mission from god, but we say yes anyways. We are to fly to Coruscant and pick up a healthy Maya and return to Alderan.

We land in the Fobosi District, adjacent to The Works. The Fobosi District contained the elite centers of business and commerce planning for Coruscant and the Galactic Republic as a whole. It was the location of the Skydome Botanical Gardens, the headquarters of the Order of the Canted Circle, the Fobosi District Medcenter, and the central administration building of the University of Coruscant.

The Works was a large industrial area of Coruscant. The area lay fairly close to the Senate District and next to the Fobosi District. It was an immense manufacturing center for many companies, who would later abandon the planet for cheap labor and off-world facilities. The Works was an area to be avoided by most of the population, due to its usual inhabitants of smugglers, squatters, death stick runners, malfunctioning droids, gangsters, undocumented refugees, and Cthons. The majority of The Works’ structures were in a severe state of decay, and had been abandoned for centuries. Despite this, many of the facilities were self-powered and continued to produce toxic waste and eerie mechanical sounds across the low-lying factories for a long time after the departure of the owners.

We are supposed to meet Maya at a dark, dirty, smelly and dingy cantina named The Schwing. It is jam packed with dark, seedy and dangerous looking patrons. Kirgil enters and finds a place at the bar to gather information. Torrin, Zake and Ma’ag find a table not to far from an exit point and order a round. After a short while, Maya enters and joins us at our table. Zake notices a scantilly clad female looking at him and motioning him to come over.

She turns out to be Shaak Ti – a Jedi Zake knew from Kamino. She is with her apprentice Maris Brood and they desperately need transport off of Coruscant. He agrees to take them and tells them where to meet us.

We leave in seperate groups to avoid suspician and meet at the ship shortly thereafter. Once aboard, we take off and are headed out of the system when we receive a message from Organna. We are to fly to Felucia to rescue an Imperial Admiral from a prison facility that does not exist. His name is Gilder Varth. Once we find the prison, we are to extract him and bring him back to Alderan.

As we make the transition out of Hyperspace, Capt Okeefe notices a Star Destroyer in system. She takes evasive action and crash lands the ship on Felucia. Ma’ag is certain he could have landed the craft much more effectively. The ship needs repairs so the Capt, her droid and Maya remain behind to work on the ship. The four of us, along with Shaak Ti and Maris head out in the general direction of the prison.

The first day goes by uneventfully. The going is quite slow do to the boggy nature of the ground and the dense jungle foliage. On the second day we are attacked by a group of locals. The unprovoked attack draws swift response from us and we quickly dispatch of them. Just after, a human comes running at us begging us to stop the altercation. He is Vazus and lives in a close by village. The local Felucians are wary of off-worlders, as Imperials have been raiding them and making slaves of them. We assure him that we are not Imperials and are in fact here to destroy an Imperial prison facility. He gives us a really big bomb to blow up the Comms Center at the facilty. Then he gives us some Kaibucks to ride to get there quicker. They are large, chicken-like creatures. As we are about to leave, we hear the slight wine of a small engine. We see an Imperial scout on a speeder bike. We give chase to prevent him from relaying the location of the village.

The chase scene was intense and overly long, as evidenced by Ma’ag mounting his chicken backwards and falling way behind as he searched in vane for the control stick. Once righted, it still took him a long time to catch up to the others. By that time, there was a full blown battle between us and a group of Imperials. Two speeder bikes were destroyed in the combat and all of the Imperials were killed. Ma’ag managed to set their com relay channel to the same frequency as the strange planet. Hopefully that will render Imperial communications useless. We managed to salvage 4 med packs and 6 power packs from the carnage. These will come in handy as we prepare to attack the prison facility. Next time!!



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