Torrin Asbach

Torrin Asbach is a Human Male, Lvl 5 Soldier/Lvl 1 Noble.


Medium Human Noble 1 / Soldier 5
Force 8; Dark Side 2
Initiative +12, Senses Low-light vision, Perception +11
Languages Basic, Zabrak, 1 Unassigned

Defenses Ref 20 (flat-footed 16), Fort 22, Will 19
HP 80 Threshold 22
Speed 6 squares

Ranged blaster pistol, heavy +10 (3d8 +5) or
Ranged blaster pistol, heavy +5 (3d8 +5) and Ranged blaster pistol, heavy +5 (3d8 +5) or
Ranged blaster pistol, hold-out +10 (3d4 +5) or
Ranged ion pistol +10 (3d6 +5) or
Ranged blaster pistol, hold-out +5 (3d4 +5 and Ranged ion pistol +5 (3d6 +5 or
Ranged grenade, frag +9 (4d6 +3) or
Ranged grenade, stun +9 (4d6 +3) or
Ranged grenade, ion +9 (4d6 +3) or
Ranged grenade, adhesive +9 or
Ranged grenade +4 and Ranged grenade +4

Base Atk +5, Grapple +9
Atk Options: Devastating Attack (pistols)
Special Actions: Quick Draw
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +7) Move Object, Surge

Abilities Str 17, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 9

Talents Educated, Tough As Nails, Devastating Attack (pistols), Weapon Specialization (pistols)

Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Dual Mastery I, Force Sensitive, Force Training (x1), Linguist, Quick Draw, Skill Training (x1), Weapon Focus (pistols), WP (pistols, rifles, simple)

Skills Climb +11, Endurance +10, Initiative +12, Perception +11, Treat Injury +9, Use the Force +7

Possessions Heavy Blaster Pistols (2) w targeting scopes, ion blaster pistol, hold-out blaster pistol, frag grenade (2), ion grenade (x2), Stun grenade (x2), adhesive grenade (x2), armored flight suit, helmet package, utility belt, 10-day food supply, medpacs, magnogrip boots, medical kit, surgery kit, long-range comlink, liquid cable dispenser, field kit, glows rods (x2), condensing canteens (x2), power pack, energy cell, sunshield roll, breath mask, all-temp cloak, hip-holsters, concealed holster, chest holster, basic datapad, syntherope, blank data cards, tracker utility vest, thin suit (weather protection).


Torrin Asbach grew up on the planet of Kalarba in the Mid-Rim. His parents were high-ranking members of the local planetary government who were killed in an ambush by local rebels. Torrin and his brother Deslan joined the military as soon as they were old enough. Deslan excelled at military service and quickly rose in the ranks, eventually becoming the leader of the platoon he and Torrin were members in, the soon-to-become-famous Deslan’s Landsharks. Torrin found he didn’t possess the discipline necessary to become a leader. He instead focused his efforts on learning military medicine and became one of the platoon’s medics. Under Deslan’s leadership and with Torrin’s natural skills at getting troopers back into the fight, the Landsharks won many battles and helped put down no less than 11 attempts to overthrow the planetary government on rebellion-plagued Kalarba.

Tragedy struck when the Landsharks, reconnoitering ahead of the main force on the far reaches of the planet, were attacked by an overwhelming force of rebels. Surrounded and cut off, the casualties mounted and Deslan himself took a grievous wound. Attending to his brother, Torrin directed the radio operator to call for an emergency evac. “Request denied trooper” was the response. Major Jonathan Krusk coldly informed them that the platoon was doomed and the army was not going to send reinforcements and unnecessarily waste any more resources. One by one the Landshark soldiers fell. Torrin managed to drag Deslan away from the massacre and into some cover. Before he died in Torrin’s arms, Deslar told Torrin that he strongly believed there was more to the ambush. He told him that he had stumbled upon corruption at the highest levels in the Kalarba military and that the Landsharks must have been left to die to make sure the knowledge of this corruption died with Deslan and his men… and with that, he succumbed to his wounds.

Torrin jumped into an enemy transport vehicle and sped off, barely escaping the converging rebels. However, an enemy rocket slammed into his vehicle and sent it tumbling down an embankment. Torrin was partially pinned under the flaming wreck suffering severe burns to his face and back as the crushing wait of the vehicle prevented him from escape. Torrin knew he if he didn’t get away, he would either be killed or worse yet captured. When the rebels finally reached Torrin’s location he was nowhere to be found.

Two years leader, Major Krusk woke with a startle. He looked around his bedroom. Seeing nothing, he placed the small holdout blaster he kept under his pillow on the nightstand and walked out onto the terrace.

An hour later Krusk passed out for the third time as he succumbed to the pain. His tormentor, confident that he had obtained as much information as he was going to get from Krusk, calmly drew his blaster pistol and ended the retched man’s misery. Torrin Asbach knew they’d eventually figure out who killed Krusk and that he’d have to flee Kalarba. But he had avenged his brother’s death and now had some information to go on about what Deslan had uncovered. At some point he would follow up on the lead and hold everyone involved accountable. But for now, he needed to get off the planet, start a new life and lay low.

Eventually, Torrin would find himself teaming up with a Zabrak pilot named Ma’ag Tollinn. The two found work picking up and delivering shipments for a private contractor who provided the ship and paid well enough for Torrin to start a new life. The two made a good team. Ma’ag was a good pilot and Torrin provided the muscle. His military training helping them get out of a few tight spots. Eventually the two freelancers would meet up with a Mandelorian named Zake Orell and a Bothan named “Black” Kirgil Dzek’lya. This odd group would find themselves working for an Alderaanian Senator, Bail Organa, an outspoken opponent of the new Supreme Chancellor’s decision to create a grand army of the Republic to enter into a war with the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Clone Wars have begun and after the execution of Chancellor Palpatine’s “Order 66,” the Galactic Republic is also out to destroy the Jedi, denouncing them as traitors.

The group hasn’t chosen an official side yet. For now, they’re simply working for credits, carving out their own little niche in the universe and quickly making a name for themselves. Who knows where they’ll find themselves as the War rages on?

Torrin Asbach is a 23 year old, human male Soldier(5)/Noble(1). He is a former member of the now destroyed military platoon known as the Landsharks. He has horrible scarring on his back and left side of his face as a result of the burning vehicle that pinned him during a rebel attack on his platoon on his home world of Kalarba. Torrin knows he should have been killed but somehow managed to escape from under the burning wreck. He has a tattoo above his right breast of the front half of a shark emerging from sandy ground poised to attack. His platoon, which was lead by his now dead brother Deslan, was wiped out by a rebel force that ambushed the group. Torrin knows the platoon was betrayed by the military leaders they served under and now has a severe mistrust and borderline hatred for all military leadership. His struggles between the good in him (medical healer) and the bad (hatred for military authority, betrayal and lies) threaten to consume him and it takes great restraint to keep him from exploding with rage when he finds himself in situations that remind him of his brother’s death. Once, while under the employ of Dharga the Hutt, Torrin, without remorse mercilessly executed a man Dharga announced had betrayed him. In another instance, while serving as security during a Sabatt tournament, he killed a man he found cheating. Torrin claimed the man was going for his blaster.

Torrin wears a suit of personally modified Separatist Commando armor. He is armed with two SSK-7 heavy blaster pistols with targeting scopes holstered in hips holsters, an ion pistol holstered on his chest and a wears a backpack which carries his medical kit and numerous medpacs. He will always have at least one holdout blaster pistol concealed on him at all times and usually carries several different types of grenades. A killing machine with almost any type of weapon, Torrin prefers using his twin heavy blaster pistols with which he has become very adept. Torrin is the medic in the group and is very skilled at caring for and patching up the other members of the team. He has grown very close to this group and considers them his new family.

Torrin Asbach

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